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Battery Strap (carbon fiber, EB410)

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Battery Strap (carbon fiber, EB410)
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Product Description
TKR6503C – Battery Strap (carbon fiber, EB410)

This is the carbon fiber light weight option battery strap for the EB410. It is stronger than the plastic stock counterpart while shaving off weight, lowering the center of gravity of the car.


High quality CNC machined carbon fiber construction.
Super lightweight at only 5 grams (stock strap is 7g).
Incredibly durable 2.5mm thick CF material.
Lowers the COG of your vehicle to improve handling.
Note: It is recommended to apply a bead of CA “super glue” to the edge of the tower and wipe clean, to avoid premature delamination.

Vehicle Compatibility
TKR6503C - Battery Strap (carbon fiber, EB410) is not included with any kit.
This can be used with the EB410, EB410.2, ET410 and ET410.2 vehicles and should be a direct replacement for the stock part or used as a new feature. Please use the instruction manual for the kit(s) listed to verify compatibility and no additional items are necessary before purchasing.