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M6 Driveshafts and Lightened Outdrives (front/rear, SCTE, Lasernut)

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M6 Driveshafts and Lightened Outdrives (front/rear, SCTE, Lasernut)
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      This driveshaft kit is now a direct fit for the Lasernut differential cases.

      Add another hit to Tekno RC’s growing list of performance upgraded driveshafts.  This time we bring you the most efficient and most durable driveshafts available for the Losi SCTE.  We started with new ‘Big Ball’ shafts.  The bigger ball on the end provides smoother suspension action and prevents the axle from hitting the outdrives on full compression.  This required us to design some new outdrives as well – no problem.  They are hardened for durability and ultra light for the best acceleration.

      We didn’t stop there, we made new stub axles too.  The new stub axles allow for more steering angle while being smoother (more efficient) than the stock units at any angle.  This means they won’t bind at full steering lock.  They are also made from the same material as our other driveshafts which means they will last far longer than the stock units.

      The driveshaft parts are available separately:
      TKR2210X -> Complete driveshafts (2pcs)
      TKR2210 -> Axles only (2pcs)
      TKR2211 -> Stub axles (2pcs)
      TKR2212 -> Lightened outdrives (2pcs)
      TKR6856 -> CV Rebuild kit (for 2 driveshafts)


      • Stronger than stock driveshafts.  They will last longer and require less maintenance.
      • Increased steering angle, smoother steering response.
      • ‘Big Ball’ shaft design for smoother suspension action and better outdrive clearance
      • Lightened outdrives and stub axles
      • All hardened steel construction
      • Completely rebuildable
      • Track tested

      Note:  These driveshafts are not compatible with the stock driveshaft parts (i.e. you can’t use our shafts and the stock outdrives for example).